Letter to AFG Distribution

To whom this may concern,

This is T*** Y**, the president of Locco Decor, also a trading company who had done business with H****N internationally. We had been doing business with Marilyn, the boss of H****N, since 2018, and we never ran into disagreements or disappointments.
I am writing this letter to inform an incident happened with H****N with their former sales representative A*** H***. Since 2021, their representative had been trading and contacting A*** D*****N privately through her own untrusted shell companies without the proper authorization from H****N Trading Co. LTD. This issue will be taken to court in China shortly after H****N finishes preparing all the legal documents.
Marilyn had contacted me to inform you guys that doing business with A*** H*** will be very risky from now on. A*** had applied to other companies as sales representatives and caused very serious damage to other local companies. Marilyn was contacted by a few factories bosses from the same region asking if A*** H*** had caused any issues. On the other hand, A*** H*** had falsefully provided statements that the company account will not work during covid time. Locco Decor had no problem with transferring funds internationally to H****N's trading accounts during Covid Period, and we never send money to private accounts with private names to China.

From my years of cooperation with Marilyn and with H****N, I believe she had provided me all the truth. She wishes to continue doing business with you guys, and she believes A*** D*****N is able to continue cooperating with H****N, and continue doing business the correct and risk-free way.
As a long-term business partner, Locco Decor is also able to import certain products to Los Angeles directly for A*** D*****N to purchase.
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