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Acrylic Liquid 3D Floating Motion Round Qtip Cotton Ball Swab Holder Dispenser with Lid Wood


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Vanity Accessory

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Welcome to your home of Locco Decor

It is time to replace your bathroom accessories with Locco Decor acrylic floating set. Our products set offers a dynamic change to your home and turns stationary objects into entertaining art pieces
with floating motion. All of our fillers are hand-crafted with all-natural materials. The shells are hand-cleaned with care, fishes are hand-painted in details, and flowers are air-dried under the sun. Our team put their maximum effort
into creating your perfect decorations, bringing a clean, organized and elegant looking to your sweet home. All the items are designed for multi-functions. Use the tumbler as a cocktail cup, toothbrush
holder as a penholder, and soap dish as a paper clip holder. All items are firmly sealed and free of heavy metal elements. Let the small objects brighten every morning in your life!